Workshop #1. Third Party CM

Workshop #1 – 3rd Party Category Management.  This Workshop was featured in Canadian Grocer, a national magazine (Dec/Jan double issue, 2014). Click for PDF: Canadian Grocer.  Or click here on picture below to be redirected to Canadian Grocer

Picture1Why choose Bartolini Consulting?  Why now? In today’s competitive Canadian retail market, the landscape is changing rapidly, and so too is the relationship between vendor and retailer.  Differentiating your company from the competition, is more critical now than ever before…and understanding the new philosophy is vital: 3rd Party Category Management or ‘Personal Consultants’.imagesCAJE56A9

Bartolini Consulting offers a wide array of Workshops/Learning Modules for our clients (see Company Brochure).  In this first Workshop, manufacturers will learn strategies not only to attain new retail customers but also, and more importantly, strategies to maintain current clients.

The Retail stage is changing rapidly and now is the time to implement action.  Common company-wide questions, and concerns will be addressed, such as:

  • What is “Personal Consulting or 3rd Party Category Management”?  How can it increase the value of our relationship with the client?
  • What will Retailers be looking for in good vendor-partners as pressures increase? 
  • How can we add more value to our retail clients?
  • What happens if we are not proactive and anticipate our “retail-partners’ demands”?  Can we still keep ahead of the competition?

The solution to the above questions involves incorporating a new philosophy called: Third Party Category Management or Personal Consulting

Pundits deemed the retail stage was supersaturated with Wal-Mart’s introduction, but more tier-one retailers from the United States keep entering (i.e. Target, Big Lots and soon Nordstrom).  The market share or ‘Retail Slice of the Pie’ is getting smaller and tougher to share.  Price Wars are imminent.  And it means the pressure on manufacturers and retailers will increase as the fight to maintain customer loyalty and profitability, heats up.

Retailers will apply more pressure on manufacturers to help offset their growth strategies and profit declines.  Simply put, demands on manufacturers/vendors will be steep.  Only vendors who understand and EMBRACE this new paradigm will succeed.

Objectives of the Workshops include:

  • Demonstrate the need for immediate change and action!
  • Define Personal Consulting i.e. what information is required to support the Retail-partner (Merchandising Plans, New Product Innovation, Promotional Mix, Planograms, etc).
  • “Think like a Retailer” and to better understand Category Managers and Merchandising Lingo


Learn more About Bartolini Consulting, for details.

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