Workshop # 4 Merchandising Management

The Merchandising Retail world is getting smaller: communication faster, 3473067292_554f3befbc_o1consumer trends come and go rapidly and increased competition is cause for constant vigilance.

At Bartolini Consulting, we specialize in helping both manufacturer and retailer, build strategic retail/merchandising programs and brands that ultimately drive customer loyalty and profitability.

After Workshop 1-3 you have New Innovative skus and processes and your Brand is redefined. Now, the final step is to understand and work with Retail partners to maximize the Merchandising Effort.  As ‘Personal Consultants’, Manufacturers will provide recommendations; it is imperative you THINK and operate like a retailer.

This 3hr-Workshop is essentially a condensed 13-week University course, focusing on the Fundamentals of Retail Merchandising and Marketing.  Specifically the Workshop will focus on:

  • Principles of an effective Retail Planogram
  • Principles of Retailer Promotional Mix (ie Advertising and Current Trends (Meal Solutions)
  • Merchants as Operators
  • Retail Best Practices i.e. how to launch, setting retail strategy, investment.
  • Plus Retailer/Category Manager-speak and Merchandising ‘lingo, terms, acronyms’


See About Bartolini Consulting for more details.


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