Workshop #3. Brand Management

Effective Brand Management strategies are imperative.The Golden Brand Not just Product Branding but also Company and Personal brands ~ consider a Brand as your IMAGE (online or other).  This includes, but is not limited to: design/appearance, packaging, online presence, etc…leading to an indelible impression that is uniquely distinguishable.

Most products last less than 6 months on the shelf.  We will help create a lasting and stunning product/brand image and design that will continue to communicate to the consumer.

“Just as a bird is known for its song….a brand is known for its communication…”


Brand Identity or Brand Communication is just as important as the
actual PRODUCT.   Let’s emphasize that: the marketing communication is just as important as the great product!  A consistent message across the Fundamentals of Marketing (4 P’s – Product, Place, Promotion, Price) is critical.  Brands suffering from “Brand Schizophrenia” – i.e. trying to be too much – will ultimately not resonate well with consumers.

Objective – This workshop will provide you with the principles and ‘fundamentals’ of Brand Management.  It will ultimately lead to evaluating your Brand – i.e. Brand Score Card or  Brand Health.

Many Companies have challenges and concerns regarding Branding and this workshop will specifically answer:

  • How to generate better design and brand messaging across a product range?  And also across all marketing mediums (social media, advertising, product marketing and company marketing)?
  • “Our product is great but the packaging is just not right.  How do we create equity in our brand?  What is brand equity?”
  • “We are having trouble creating a consistent message across our line extensions and we are not sure if our branding and design is strong”.
  • Design Strategy – “Are we communicating to the consumer effectively?  Is our design, photography and use of  colours….sending the right message?”

We offer the following Brand Strategy Solutions:

1. Help you evaluate current Brand Health.  We create new and improved Brand Equity for both existing and new/line extension (for both Private Label and National Brands).

2. Create Design Briefs for new products or re-evaluate existing products.

3.  We work with Designers to create stunning mock up images of your product.

4. Train you on reading and analyzing Consumer Trend Data ~ essential for keeping a pulse on your target market.  Bottom Line – Without keeping your pulse on the consumer you are surely going to be complacent and ultimately your product will be antiquated and obsolete.


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