Workshop #2. New Product Innovation

INNOVATION: The fuel that drives the Retail Industry and infuses Consumers withblb excitement.  But many Companies struggle with embracing a culture of appropriate “innovation-risk” and also with creating a simple process to continually drive new product generation.

It is an exhilarating and bold plunge.  Embrace the proverbial “innovative-bulb”.

Workshop Objectives: At the end of the day we will be swimming in new concepts!  The first session is designed to stimulate the mind and drive ‘dormant’ creativity found in all of us.  This workshop delves deep in understanding and driving the creative process.  Specifically, this module explores fundamental-and Company-wide challenges-with new product innovation such as:

  • Is there a simple new product innovation process that we can implement on a regular basis?  
  • How do we get better engaged with understanding and leveraging consumer trends/demographic trends?
  • How do we assess if we have the right culture?  We have the right people on the bus…but are they in the right seat?

Our workshop is GROUP-Based and interactive.  It focuses around 3 stages for New Product Innovation:

The "new" Consumer

The “new” Consumer

1. Developing an understanding of Demographic Trends and Retail Industry/Consumer Trends.  This will be an eye-opener and surely re-define your approach to understanding, discovering and utilizing trends.

2. Divergent Strategies

3. Convergent Strategies


See About Bartolini Consulting for details.


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