Notable Products Brought to Market


* 5lb Smart Spud Potato Bag (low carb)SPudsmart1web

* President’s Choice Organic 1lb Field Greens: Best selling PCO item, ever

* President’s Choice Organic Carrot Juice: 2004 Winner of Canadian Grand Prix New Product

* PC Double Shrimp Ring with Sauce: Winner of top selling control label item,2003 Holiday Insider

* 1lb Seedless Lemons: Frist Canadian entry

1 lb Seedless Lemon Bag

1 lb Seedless Lemon Bag

* PC Shrimp Cakes and PC Butterfly Breaded Shrimp: Top 10 selling in 2004 Holiday Insider

* PC Thick & Juicy Salmon Burger/Tuna Burger – new pack-size (pack 4); changed strategy for beef burgers from 8 pack to 4 pack

* PC ‘Wild’ line up – introduced frozen wild Mexican shrimp and wild salmon

3852_PC_Wild_Raw_Zipperback_Shrimp_-_(EN)_-_(500x500) 246_PC_East_Coast_Crab_Cakes_-_(EN)_-_(500x500) m840039_PCBMAtlanticSalmonBurger_ENFRjpg414_PC_Organics_Field_Greens_Salad_Mix__-_(EN)_-_(500x500) 802_PC_Old_Fashioned_Style_Bacon_-_(EN)_-_(500x500) 890_PC_Garlic_&_Herb_Shrimp_Skewers_-_(EN)_-_(500x500) 2072_PC_Crispy_Lettuce_Wraps_-_(EN)_-_(500x500) 4110_PC_Colossal_Cocktail_Shrimp_-_(EN)_-_(500x500) 4114_PC_Thai_Sweet_&_Spicy_Shrimp_Skewers_-_(EN)_-_(500x500) m380034_BreadedButterflyShrimp_ENFR m840039_PCBMAtlanticSalmonBurger_ENFRjpg m2140044_VegMed_2235319    PCMixPotatoes_ENFR

PC Colossal Green Tiger Shrimp

PC Colossal Green Tiger Shrimp



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